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Year tags are now available

All students who have paid their AYY membership fee for the academic year 2019–2020 can pick up a year tag from August 1st, 2019 on.
Lukuvuosikalenterin kansi
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The visual look of the “Fog” calendar, designed by Jolanda Jokinen, mimics the foggy and excited journey of the autumn’s first school days

AYY and TOKYO are executing the Design Calendar together for the second time. Calendar is designed by a master's level student of Visual Communication Design, Jolanda Jokinen
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Plenty of new employees at AYY

During late spring and summer, several recruitments have been carried out at AYY, and some of the employees’ job descriptions have changed. In this story, you can read a summary of who has joined the forces at AYY over the summer.
TEK projektin kuva 30000 euroa teekkariudelle
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TEK donation funds allocated to improvement of Smökki

AYY's board has decided that the donation of 33 700 euros received from TEK will be used to acquire festive lighting and a better sound system for Servin Mökki as well as for improving the general accessibility.

Commitments and press releases

Pride-kulkue 2018
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No empty promises – significant increase to the level of study grant needed!

The study grant must be raised back to the level before the cuts, as this would be a quick way to improve students’ subsistence in an equal manner.
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Answers to the Otaniemi 1.5 petition

The Otaniemi 1.5 petition, whose signatures were collected in connection with the Otaniemi climate strikes, encourages the Aalto community to commit to acts that can radically reduce our impact on global warming.
Veera Krouglovin veistos Bubblegum
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AYY added Veera Krouglov’s and Siina Levonoja’s sculptures in its art collection

In 2017, AYY started to accumulate its own art collection. This year, AYY’s Steering Group of Artistic Activities decided to add sculptures of Veera Krouglov and Siina Levonoja to the collection.
Mantan lakki Mielenterveysseurassa
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Students’ Wappupotti raised more than 22 000 € for the Finnish Association for Mental Health

In early April, AYY’s Freshman Committee started the Wappupotti appeal in connection with the Fuksipeijaiset opening. The original goal was to raise a pot of 500 euros but, with this sum being collected in minutes, the goal was increased to 10 000 euros. During the one-month appeal, the pot eventually climbed to more than 22 000 euros. The purpose of the appeal was to evoke discussion and to shatter the taboo surrounding mental health issues.


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Summery greetings from Mikkeli!

Chair of Probba ry Säde Torkki tells, what is the summer, filled with studies, like in Mikkeli.
European sustainable Development week banner,
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AYY takes part in the European Sustainable Development Week

This week (30 May–5 Jun 2019) is the European Sustainable Development Week. The ESDW is a Europe-wide annual initiative to increase awareness of the UN’s Agenda 2030 action plan and the sustainable development goals (SDGs) included in it.
Probbas Board 2019
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Greetings from Mikkeli!

In Mikkeli, the new year has started with speed as the clubs’ new Boards have taken up their positions and got used to their new responsibilities.
Tapio Hautamäki
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The future of the Aino magazine looked into

During the publishing break will be clarified what the future of the Aino magazine will be like

Weekly Newsletters

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Weekly Newsletter 23/2019

This is the spring’s last weekly newsletter. Have a sunny summer, everyone! The weekly newsletter will return from its summer break at the end of August. To while away your summer, why not visit AYY’s new website at Send us feedback and improvement ideas so we can make the website even better!
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Weekly Newsletter 22/2019

The weekly newsletter comes out for the last time this spring on Monday next week, 3 Jun. Because of Ascension Day, the materials for the spring’s last newsletter must be delivered by 10.00 am on Wednesday 29 May to [email protected]
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Weekly Newsletter 21/2019

Sunday is the day to vote in the European Parliament election. In Finland, you can still vote in advance until tomorrow, 21 May. You can vote at any advance polling station – for example, at the Harald Herlin Learning Centre in Otaniemi – and you only need to bring a photo ID. On the election day, Sun 26 May, you can only vote at your designated polling station.
The last weekly newsletter comes out on Mon 3 Jun. Because of Ascension Day, the materials for the spring’s last newsletter must be delivered by 10.00 am on Wednesday 29 May to [email protected]
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Weekly Newsletter 20/2019

AYY’s Annual Ball Week is here. Take part in the most amazing events this week. You can find the week’s events listed at

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